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What I'm learning pt. 1

Plane ride to Ukarumpa - WOW!!
Hanging out with the locals in Australia on my layover!

Stucky's meeting me at the airport when I arrived
Ukarumpa :)

Long time no post :) Wanted to share just a few of my favorite pictures I've taken so far after my move to Papua New Guinea as well as some of what the Holy Spirit has begun to teach me.

The biggest thing I feel that I'm learning is - REPENTANCE (or in Hebrew, t'shuva) IS EVERYTHING! Biblical repentance is a huge aspect of the Stucky’s ministry here - taking people through the steps of what true turning away from sin looks like. After Yeshua’s time of testing in the wilderness at the very start of His ministry, His first words - the embodied WORD of Yah - uttered, “REPENT for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand!” (Matthew 3:2). Though this topic has been on my heart and mind for a long time, through this ministry, God has begun to show me that there is much more to this than simply telling God that you’re sorry. We all know about the importance of personal repentance but the idea of repenting on behalf of a whole community or especially your ancestors sounds weird or even sacrilege. But this concept is not foreign to scripture. There were many Biblical figures who repented on behalf of the sins of their communities as well as the sins of their parents (see Daniel, Nehemiah, Ezra to name a few). All of which saw deliverance and transformation after the repenting. This type of repentance is very real in the ministry as people deal with the effects of witchcraft and curses over individuals and entire families. This isn’t the movies, the struggle of light and dark are very real. And when the light breaks the darkness, the results are astounding, the Stucky’s have witnessed it! Being exposed to this has encouraged me to dig deeper with God into my own heart, the collective heart of my family, ministry partners, country, and so on. It is a process and I am learning, but my desire is to see even further the heart of the Father and His Kingdom in my own life and world.

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