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Struck by Beauty

It's been a long time since I've been so moved by a piece of art that I wept. Last night, I was met by a beautiful song that was not only musically exquisite, but the lyrics and the heart of the song were raw, simple, worshipful and so powerful. It was something this artistic soul was really needing, a really healing moment for me. I had never heard of this guy before! I listened to a few more from this artists latest album and though I didn't love them all, MANY of his songs deeply touched my heart. The artist is Jon Guerra. I'll post the song at the bottom

The Father so wants us to just be with Him, opening up our whole hearts to Him. Coming to Him in our deep, honorable praise and holy worship... but also in our day to day being and living. The menial things in life: washing the dishes, walking the dog, taking our break at work. He want's to be invited into our every thought, even - and especially - our struggling thoughts. He wants to meet us there and help us in all things. Maybe this song won't touch you the way it did me which is fine. But I hope that, if nothing else you will hear a bit clearer the Fathers voice, drawing you to b e h o l d His beauty in a new way and invite you into your every day experience.

P.S. Other tear-jerker songs of his that I've heard: Kingdom of God, My Truest Praise, Keeper of Days


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