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Wrote this one day in my journal... a vent concerning what I've seen in others, and myself.

Rest... cleansing… freedom… a solid foundation… unspeakable joy… acceptance… WONDER… exhilaration… peace… satisfaction… [true] LOVE… are ONLY found in their most fullest extent… their defining, in Him.

What are you doing? Going for another look, another drink, another bite, another game, another kiss, another dollar, another puff, another scroll, another, another, another…


Just - STOP. NOW.

What are you looking for? Really - what is it you are trying to gain? Do you think one more will bring you that rest, that peace, that freedom… freedom… a wise Man once said, “You are a slave to that which you obey.” Who have you been obeying? “… Another bite, just one more then I’ll be done… Oh wait…” Feel that joy yet? That peace… satisfaction? You do?! How long does it last you? A month? Wow! That's great! Ok, a few days… 5 minutes?

STOP - just stop… Turn around. What/WHO you are looking for is standing right there behind you. He has been waiting with His hand outstretched to you.

When you create something, do you feel like you know how it’s suppose to work, to look, to run? YOU have a Creator and He has given us a human being instruction manual in His Word, the Bible. And I can tell you this much, it doesn’t say in there that we were created to run on “likes”, sugar, women, men, pot, possessions, money and whatever other things we have enslaved ourselves too. Yes, we need [most of] these things to live, but we were NOT meant to be enslaved by them. Their purpose is only found in aiding us to fulfill our true calling: being in a living, intimate relationship with the One who created us and surrendering ourselves COMPLETELY to His will. You might say, “Surrendering to His will sounds like enslavement.” Well, what I said before still stands! We will always be a slave to something. How has being a slave to yourself been treating you? Or your girlfriend/boyfriend, money, drugs or food?

Turn around … He has been so patiently waiting for you…

He’s been there a long time… please, turn now. Surrender all. There will be a day that you will no longer have the option. Understand how desperately you need Him. HE is the most awe-inspiring, terrifying, wonderful, beautiful, kind, generous, compassionate Master in the whole universe… our puny English words don’t do Him justice in describing who He is. What/WHO you’ve been looking and longing for is here: YHWH the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Turn around, take His hand, lay everything else down and follow Him. Before it’s too late.


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