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There have been so many time's I've wanted to blog about so many things the past few years. To be honest, what has prevented me from finally sitting down and writing has been time (yeah, that's a big one) and just the feeling of being just another little opinion on the web of opinions that is the internet. And really, what are my words going to do? Yes, they can bring life and death, but I know Anothers words have even MORE power. I thought I would share a small journal entry of mine from about a year ago. I hope it encourages someone out there to spend more time in the words that have more life than any politician, influencer, pastor, priest, rabbi, person.

"Your Word is a comfort when circumstances and lies press in,

Your Word is a promise kept for a sick heart,

Your Word is unspeakable joy in the midst of unknown darkness and sorrow.

Your Word lifts my head and grants me heavens perspective.

Your Word simultaneously grounds me in the nitty-gritty reality of life how it really is, and how You really enter in and experience with us... with me.

Its my lamp, my sword, my comfort, my hope.

When i am insignificant and not enough Your Word reminds me i can have ETERNAL worth in You.

When questions abound and lies appear true, Your Word, like a beacon shines through the fog and points to what really matters = YOU..."


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