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"When the Mists Have Rolled Away"

I was looking through the many books on the shelf in my grandparents house yesterday and found an old hymnal. I started reading and I ran into this beautiful piece of prose that brought tears to my eyes. My grandparents said that they would sing that song often in days gone by. So grateful to have found this and remember how much poetry touches my spirit! There is HOPE in the Messiah of Israel friends!

" When the mists have rolled in splendor

From the beauty of the hills,

And the sunlight falls in gladness

On the rivers and the rills,

We recall our Father’s promise

In the rainbow of the spray:

We shall know each other better

When the mists have rolled away.

We shall know, as we are known,

Nevermore to walk alone,

In the dawning of the morning

Of that bright and happy day,

We shall know each other better,

When the mists have rolled away.

Oft we tread the path before us

With a weary, burdened heart;

Oft we toil amid the shadows,

And our fields are far apart;

But the Savior’s “Come, ye blessed”

All our labor will repay,

When we gather in the morning

Where the mists have rolled away.

We shall come with joy and gladness,

We shall gather round the throne;

Face to face with those that love us,

We shall know as we are known;

And the song of our redemption

Shall resound through endless day,

When the shadows have departed,

And the mists have rolled away. "

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